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This site is home to my  Paper Battles sets and contains general ramblings about my painting interests and ongoing personal projects...not a blog as such but hopefully you may find something that may be of interest to you!


27/06/13 - Next set will be dismounted US Cavalry firing line and horse holders. I hope to have them available by  by 01/07/13.

26/06/13 - US Cavalry in Line available from Wargame Vault.

25/06/13 - At the moment I'm thinking there will be three or four basic cavalry sets for each side which will include Cavalry in Line, Cavalry in Column, Dismounted Cavalry in firing line/Skirmish and Horse Holders (the last two could be one larger set).

24/06/13 - Beginning work on the first of the ACW Cavalry sets - Union Cavalry in Line. I hope to have the set available by the end of the week.

03/05/13 - ACW Rural Building set now available from Wargame Vault.

02/05/13 - The first building set for the ACW should be available from Wargame Vault this weekend. The set will include about 7-9 "flat" rural buildings and perhaps a couple of new fence types.

I had been hoping to include a folded 3D version of the buildings but after some experimentation I decided they don't really offer any particular advantages and they are a lot more work!

21/04/13 -  I will be making the first buildings for the ACW range this coming week. At the moment I am anticipating producing both a "flat" version (as in the free scenery set)  AND a 3D model version of each building. 

18/04/13 - CS and US Limbered Artillery sets now available from Wargame Vault.

18/12/12 - Free ACW Basic Scenery set available now from Wargame Vault.

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