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This site is home to my  Paper Battles sets and contains general ramblings about my painting interests and ongoing personal projects...not a blog as such but hopefully you may find something that may be of interest to you!


Working on the late Viking army for 1066 - Hope to have it finished towards the end of next week.


Norman army for 1066 released and available from Wargame Vault.

WIP    Redcoats and Normans....

 Test graphics....not final!


The first Dark Age army for 1066 - The Late Anglo-Saxons is now available from Wargame Vault.


The finished PB03 American Civil War set is available now from Wargame Vault. This set includes most of the previously published content from the individual ACW packs together with new cavalry (both Union and Confederate) and additional Confederate infantry sets (Waiting in Reserve and Casualties).

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